# delivery-me OnePlatform

OnePlatform - delivery


The OnePlatform delivery is an independent multi vehicle, which allows to add and carry different  delivery modules  

for logistic and public delivery use and operate autonomous.

It is fully equipped with 4W motors, battery and sensors, runs on NVIDIA high performance  AI Hardware and a ROS2

Framework and NVIDIA Fleet Command. Size of the robot 400 x 320 x 650. Speed 6-25 KM/h.


More informations will come soon!

# delivery-me mobile app






"the mobile app which allows you to call your mobile robot and deliver your order to your


# last mile - delivery-me in action





"the mobile robot on his tour

  to the shops, to pick up

your order and deliver

it to your home"

# delivery-me tech





"I'm the first protototyp 

running on a NVIDIA

platform, powered by ROS

to control my sensors like

cameras, gps and lidar "



# delivery-me sensor output