Autonomous Research Vehicle Mercedes SLK







Autonomous Robotic Demonstrator



based on a Mercedes-Benz SLK Kidcar equipped with automotive Sensors






Continuous, rapid, easy, cost efficient and secure research and development are key in the world of

autonomous driving and delivery.

With our autonomous robotic demonstrator based on a Mercedes-Benz SLK we offer a 1:5 research and

developmentvehicle for small or medium sized enterprises and universities. Easy handling, easy transport,

easy updating or extending, without huge investments into real cars. 


Our base vehicle is equiped with medium or professional automotive sensors like 3D Lidar, Radar, Ultrasonics,

Cameras, GNNS, which are connected to a NVIDIA single board computer like Jetson Orin.

The systems runs on ROS/ROS2 or Autoware. We also offer an update to NVIDIA Drive Kit.


The vehicle can be build exactly to your customer needs also in a different brand.