Software defined Vehicle DemoCar on Hannover Fair 2024


We have been so proud to present our Software defined Vehicle DemoCar we build for Deloitte on the Hannover Faire 2024 and Deloitte got a lot of attention. The Car is equipped with:


1. Ouster OS1 Lidar

2. StereoCam and a back RGB Cam

3. Radar and UltraSonic Sensors

5. InCar Display

6. NVIDIA Jetson Orin AGX
7. Rasperry Pi 5 and Ardunio ESP32 (Cloud Connector)


                                                                                                                                      We run several ML (Object Detection, Line Following, Pose Estimation,
                                                                                                                                      Lidar Point Cloud, GenAI incl. scene explenation sound on it. Base OS
                                                                                                                                      is ROS/ROS2. 

delivery-me robotics India 
at the CAEV EXPO in Bangalore 14-15th of March 2024


Visit the Indian delivery-me team at the CAEV Expo from 14

to 15 th of March 2024 in Bangalore India. 

Booth ADSAFE (Automotive Cyber Security) HB 223

Come and see our latest Indian delivery robot!


delivery-me robot

DemoCar presented at VDA Technical Congress in Berlin


Together with Deloitte Germany we had the great opportunity to present our Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Democar at the VDA Technical Congress in Berlin.


Thx to the Deloitte Team!


delivery-me robot

hits the streets of Bangalore/India.

Today was an amazing day for delivery-me team in Bangalore India. Our brand new Indian delivery robot hits the first time the streets of Bangalore downtown. The Robot runs on NVIDIA Jetson Series, ROS and different algorithms.

It was a great Wow from the people which have been very suprized and amazed. Soon we come with more!

Great job of the indian team !!!






delivery-me robot test operate in german town

close to Stuttgart

Some weeks ago, we did first controlled and observed tests with our delivery-me robot in a small town close to stuttgart. Target was it, to collect experience, data and see the reaction and exceptance from the people on the street.







University of Applied Science  Schmalkalden
is using delivery-me robots 

Our delivery-me robot landed at University for applied science in Schmalkalden. Here some impressions of the onboarding day. Together with the student team and Prof. Frank Schrödel we work on further developments of delivery robots.







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