The Delivery-me  DNA is green, all what we do should serve to make the planet a bit greener and better.


Delivery-me autonomous robotics takes sustainability very seriously and build his vehicles based on EV Technology to

reduce the CO2 Footstep. We see our driverless robot vehicles as a part of today and future smart cities, which can operate

safe and 24/7.


Electric the drive of the future


Our robots are running on battery, charged with green energy. No more combustion engine running on fossil liquid.

This will save the planet from the greenhouse gas emission CO2 and help to meet the 1.5 degree level which was defined 

in the Paris climate conference 2015(*1). Actually our batteries are Lithium Ionian Batteries but we follow the latest develop-

ments to change to batteries with less nature impact. All Robots can be charged with solar electric. We offer also solar carports

or solar roof tops with energy batteries to store the energy. 


Sustainability is more the CO2 reduction


When the majority is talking today about sustainability, they mainly talk about the carbon footprint and EV’s. But Sustainability

is more than that. It starts with a green DNA from day one of development and a clear focus, to respect the earth and only take

what we can give back. In the last days a Manager from Mc Kinsey said, real substainability is not consume Luxury, it's not

consume or min consume less. This means also not sell more vehicles, but use them in a green and efficient way to reduce traffic.


That's why 


  • the materials of our vehicles and can be recycled and reused
  • 30 % of the vehicles have been printed 3D with ecologically printing material which can be compostable
  • batteries will be always meet the latest standard and will given back to recycling
  • vehicles for multiple usecases, 24 x 7 
  • the best solution for the last mile with different vehicle sizes from big to small
  • all vehicles will be connected and can share workload and drive route


Green traffic


When we talk about green traffic, EV technology can play a massiv role, silent, no polution,cc. especially when 

we plan and implement new smart cities. 

So what can be the solution?
In the last year we talked very often about 
C.A.S.E Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric which has a very

huge potential to revolutionize the traffic and resource challenge.

Today vehicles are owned and the owners are driving around 14 KM a day and the rest of the day the car

is parked somewhere an not used for anything, in covid times, where we work from home office they are parked

for days. So when we change the system from owning to autonomous, shared and connected, the vehicles can drive

people and in the next task deliver goods from a to for multible destinations autonomously.

This will reduce our traffic in massiv numbers down to 50 %. But this will not only reduce traffic, this will also save massiv

resources by using ev's  and closed and connected receycling- and material chains. The last mile and smart cities are a

great challenge to test and realize it.


So, let us make the planet a bit more green!    






(*1) At the Paris Climate Conference 2015 allmost all members of the world agreed to the 1.5 degree target and signed

the paper. They agreed to strengthen the ability to adapt  economies to climate change and build resilience which means

a massive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and a new climate-resilient development. Traffic is the second biggest

producers of C02.